Wind Technician Jobs

Wind Technician Job Description

In order to understand what a wind technician, also referred to as a wind turbine technician does, you first need to know what a wind turbine is. Wind turbines were designed in order to generate electricity or power by using the natural force of the wind. The wind puts pressure on the turbine’s blades, making them spin around and around. While the blades are spinning, a generator and torque shaft create kinetic energy that can be used much in the same way that electricity which is produced using coal power or natural gas power can be used.

A wind technician’s job is to make sure that wind turbines are operating efficiently and effectively. Some of the more specific tasks that a wind tech is typically responsible for include:

  • Performing scheduled preventative maintenance on turbines
  • Consistently following safety precautions and procedures
  • Testing the wind turbine’s torque by using manual and/or hydraulic torque wrenches
  • Replacing and/or repairing any damaged parts of the turbines
  • Replacing oil filters
  • Performing any needed maintenance on the service vehicle
  • Greasing bearings
  • Servicing hub and blade components as required
  • Performing housekeeping duties at the wind turbine facilities

It’s important to note that wind technicians work with hazardous chemicals on occasion. They also are forced to work at great heights, so if you have a fear of heights, this is most likely not the position for you.

The most successful wind turbine technicians have excellent mathematical skills as well as mechanical aptitude. He or she will also have above average communication skills.

Wind Technician Training and Education Requirements

Most agencies or companies who are looking for a wind turbine technician require that their candidate has at least an associate’s degree from a community college, vocational school, or technical school. While studying for your associate’s degree specializing in the wind technician profession, you will learn about tower safety, wind economics, turbine maintenance, mechanical devices, the electrical power generation industry, and more.

However, you should know that even when your training and education is over, you will still need to stay up to date on the latest laws and regulations regarding wind turbines.

Wind Technician Average Salary

At this point, wind turbine technicians are very much in demand due to our society’s focus on finding cleaner energy and decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that between 2008 and 2018, the need for wind technicians will grow by 11%.

The average hourly salary for a wind turbine technician in 2010 ranged from $17 to $28. A wind turbine tech who is just getting into the industry can expect to earn approximately $55,000 annually. As he or she gains experience, the technician can strive to earn up to $100,000 each year.

If you have a passion for clean energy, enjoy working with your hands, and are looking for a stable job with decent pay, consider studying to become a wind turbine technician.

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