Sound Technician Jobs

Sound Technician Job Description

A sound technician is responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining the equipment that’s used to transmit television and radio programs. Some of the specific tasks that the typical media sound design tech is responsible for include:

  • Playing and recording broadcast programs utilizing automation systems
  • Instructing trainees in how to film events, how to use TV production equipment, and how to edit and copy sound or graphics onto videotape
  • Operating audio mixing console in order to regulate volume level and other levels that attribute to the quality of sound during a broadcast
  • Substituting other programs in the case that signal fail
  • Editing broadcast material electronically
  • Reporting equipment issues, ensuring that necessary repairs are made, and making emergency repairs when needed and when possible
  • Making audio recordings for musical productions
  • Scheduling programming
  • Monitoring clarify, strength, and reliability of outgoing and incoming signals and then adjusting the equipment as needed in order to maintain high quality broadcasts
  • Making commercial dubs
  • Performing repairs such as replacing computer cards, recording heads, or chips
  • Monitoring and logging transmitter readings
  • Designing and modifying various equipment to employer specifications
  • Recommending necessary audio equipment purchases
  • Giving technical directions and instructions to other personnel during broadcasting
  • Discussing production requirements with the client
  • Controlling audio equipment to regulate the sound and volume quality during broadcasts

If all of this sounds good and interesting to you, then you may want to search for opportunities for sound technicians. Before you do that, however, continue reading to learn more about what goes into becoming a sound technician.

Sound Tech Education and Training

In most cases, a company requires that a sound technician have at least an associate’s degree from a community college or technical school in theatrical production, broadcasting, or a related field as well as two years’ experience taking on audio engineering. Additionally, you may be deemed a good candidate for the position if you have four years audio engineering experience or any other combination of training and experience that demonstrates that the candidate has the abilities and skills to be a successful sound technician.

Those who want to rise above the pack and show that they are the best candidate for the job may want to get licensed from the Society of Broadcast Engineers, which involves passing an exam.

Sound Tech Salary Info

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a sound technician is $43,010. Additionally, it’s important to note that the sound technology field is expected to grow at a pace faster than average—however, competition can be extremely tough in major metropolitan areas, so it’s recommended that sound technicians who are just starting out begin by searching in smaller towns and cities.

If you’re interested in a stable career that allows you to work with various electronics and the exciting field of radio and/or television, consider studying to become a sound technician.

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