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PC Technician Jobs Description

PC technicians, commonly referred to as desktop support specialists or computer troubleshooters, have become more and more important in the past years due to our society’s large use of computers. Some of the more specific tasks that a PC tech is responsible for include:

  • Installing and testing PCs
  • Coordinating with other computer engineers and technicians regarding the computer being worked with
  • Setting up network hardware in office environments
  • Repairing PCs in homes, offices, computer stores with servicing departments, or any other workplace that uses installed computers
  • Fixing computer performance issues
  • Knowing about and how to use software that assists in computer repair
  • Servicing computers regularly to ensure that they are in working order
  • Troubleshooting to diagnose a performance issue
  • Possessing basic electrical wiring knowledge
  • Maintaining, troubleshooting, or helping to repair any other computer-related components such as software, storage devices, etc.
  • Knowing how to assemble an entire computer
  • Working mainly with desktop and laptop computers

Oftentimes, a PC technician will have to work outside of regular business hours, as computer issues can arise at any time of day.

Becoming a PC Technician

There are some educational and training requirements in order for you to become a respected PC technician. Most employers require that their PC techs have, at the very least, an associate’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Most employers require that PC technicians have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Additionally, depending upon the company or agency, a PC technician will also be required to possess one or more certifications such as those offered by CompTIA, Microsoft, or Novell. Even if an employer doesn’t require certification, obtaining them can really amp up your resume and give you a competitive edge against other candidates for the job.

Another thing that can give you an advantage over your job competition is to obtain a degree in engineering.

Successful PC technicians have the following characteristics, skills, or abilities:

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Knowledge of software that assists in maintenance
  • Versatility; ability to learn about many different aspects of the computer
  • The desire to constantly be learning new things
  • Passionate about technology
  • Willing to work extended hours on regular occasions
  • Strong logical and rationalization skills
  • Terrific problem-solving skills
  • Good at troubleshooting issues
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Naturally attracted to more technical work or learning
  • Willing to travel semi-regularly

Earning as a PC Technician

The average annual salary for a full-time PC technician ranges anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000. Freelance PC technicians typically charge between $60 and $90 an hour. However, it’s important to note that your salary will vary depending upon your training, education, and experience.

If you enjoy working with computers, want the ability to work in a variety of settings and industries, and are searching for job stability, consider training to become a PC technician.

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