Library Technician Jobs

Library Technician Jobs Description

The primary responsibility of a library technician is to help readers use library indexes, databases, and catalogs to find books and other reference materials. However, there are many other specific tasks that a library associate will most likely have to take on, including:

  • Reserving, circulating, discharging, and renewing books and other library materials
  • Answering reference questions as well as referring readers to librarians if they need further assistance
  • Updating and entering readers’ records on computers
  • Training volunteers, student assistants, and other staff as well as supervising and scheduling their work
  • Conducting reference searches using both online databases and in-house printed materials
  • Sorting publications and other items and then returning them to their designated place in the library
  • Processing interlibrary loans for readers
  • Maintaining records regarding materials, equipment, and circulation
  • Issuing library cards to readers
  • Verifying specific bibliographical data for library materials
  • Operating and maintaining various audiovisual equipment including tape recorders and projectors
  • Repairing damaged books
  • Filing catalog cards using the library’s system
  • Conducting young readers’ programs as well as other special events or programs associated with the library
  • Creating posters or displays informing readers about upcoming special events or programs
  • Customizing databases for improved efficiency
  • Operating and working at bookmobiles on occasion
  • Retrieving and delivering library materials throughout the library by hand or while using a pushcart

As the position’s title implies, the main place that a library technician seeks employment is in a library of some sort. However, there are many different agencies and companies that seek library technical assistants such as universities, schools, public libraries, and more.

Library Tech Education Requirements

The education requirements for a library science technician vary, depending upon the employer’s desires. Some libraries may require that their technicians have at least a high school diploma, while others desire assistants who have had hands-on experience or training.

If you are interested in entering the library technology field and want to give yourself an advantage over some of your job competition, you may want to consider acquiring an associate’s degree or certification in library science.

Even if you’ve earned a degree in library science, you’ll want to do what you can to stay afloat new technologies or advancements in the field. Many times, libraries will regularly host workshops that focus on the latest news in library science for their library technicians.

Library Tech Average Salary Facts

The average library technician earns an hourly wage of just over $14. The average annual salary was approximately $29,500 in 2009. While this isn’t necessarily an impressive median salary for an entry-level job, there is room for growth in the library science field. Library assistants can go on to manage the circulation desk and can even be promoted to supervisory positions once they gain experience and knowledge.

So if you love books, enjoy being in a library, and want to help fellow readers, consider seeking employment as a library technician.

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