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Laboratory Technician Job Description

There are actually several different types of laboratory technicians that work in different specialized industries. Were going to go over some general information pertaining to three of the most popular laboratory technician positions: medical lab technicians, chemical lab technicians, and dental lab technicians.

After you’ve gathered together all the information you need, you’ll have to first decide what type of lab tech you want to be. The next step is to immediately apply for a school that can give you the training and education you need to begin your career. Next, you’ll have to tackle the certification exam so that you are licensed and ready to practice your trade, as most laboratory technician positions require certification. So read on and get ready to take your future on head-first!

Medical Laboratory Technicians

A medical, or clinical, laboratory technician works under the immediate supervision of a medical technologist or physician to conduct a variety of tasks including:

  • Preparing tissue, blood, and urine for testing
  • Monitoring procedures and tests
  • Using laboratory equipment to examine samples for microorganisms
  • Matching blood for transfusions
  • Analyzing the chemical content of sample fluids
  • Testing for drug levels in the blood

Clinical laboratory technicians can go on to become senior laboratory technicians, who supervise clinical lab techs while also taking on the more complex tasks that need to be completed such as examining tissue under microscopes or dealing with sensitive machinery.

Chemical Laboratory Technicians

A chemical laboratory technician assists chemical engineers and chemists who produce and use chemical equipment and products. Most of the time, chemical laboratory technicians work for private companies. Generally, they are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Maintaining and cleaning laboratory equipment and instruments
  • Interpreting test results
  • Providing and maintaining a safe work environment
  • Ordering materials and performing inventory duties
  • Conducting physical or chemical lab tests
  • Writing technical reports to document an experiment’s results
  • Setting up and conducting chemical tests

Dental Laboratory Technicians

A dental lab technician generally works independently, creating dental prosthetics. Some of the tasks of a dental laboratory tech include:

  • Preparing chemicals to be used by dentists
  • Preparing products such as artificial teeth, dentures, and crowns
  • Following extremely detailed instructions and specifications
  • Molding in order to create various prosthesis

In most cases, a dental lab tech only needs a high school diploma in order to enter training for the job. However, a bachelor’s degree in related subjects such as art and ceramics can help to make one candidate shine over the others.

The typical dental laboratory technician earns an annual salary between $27,000 and $45,000. Not too shabby for an entry-level position!

So, if you’re interested in working as a medical laboratory technician, a chemical laboratory technician, or a dental laboratory technician, continue to read through this website to get more pertinent information regarding the required training and education as well as the average annual salary for each of these positions.

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