Instrument Technician Jobs

An instrument technician is exactly what it sounds like—a person who works with various instruments that are used to do many different things. There are many different specific types of instrument technicians including electrical equipment technicians, medical instrument technicians, and more.

Some of the equipment that an instrument technician works with may be used by doctors, while others are used by engineers in factories. To learn more about the types of things that an instrument technician does in his position, read on.

Instrument Technician Job Description

While not all instrument technicians work with the same type of equipment, there are general tasks that all instrument techs must fulfill including:

  • Knowing how to construct and repair various equipment
  • Knowing all the details about all the instruments used in the particular industry that you have chosen to specialize in
  • Repairing instruments according to a schedule and be sure to meet all deadlines
  • Building good relationships with their customers
  • Following instructions and guidelines to perform job functions
  • Adjusting defective equipment components
  • Testing electronics units in order to evaluate performance
  • Providing engineering support regarding equipment installation, enhancements, and/or upgrades
  • Performing preventative maintenance on all instruments and equipment
  • Maintaining system logs to track equipment performance

As you can see, an instrument technician has a wide variety of duties and tasks, which become much more specific once he or she chooses an industry to specialize in.

What Do You Need to Do to Become an Instrument Tech?

The training and education that goes into becoming an instrument technician depends greatly upon the specific type of instrument technician that you want to become. For example, if you want to be a medical instrument technician, then you’ll have to possess, at the very least, an associate’s degree in engineering or biomedical equipment technology.

It’s best for you to do specific research regarding the type of instrument technician you want to become and then pursue the training and certification that’s required by most companies for a person in that position.

A Steady, Stable Job

By doing a quick job search on the Internet for Instrument Technicians, you can see that there are many openings and many different companies are hiring to fill those vacancies. A quick search on CareerBuilder shows that over 1,000 openings are currently available for instrument technicians. Instrument technicians are very much in-demand because just about every industry using some type of equipment, which will need to be maintained and monitored by a quality instrument technician.

In general, instrument technicians earn extremely respectable salaries. The median annual salary for someone holding the position of Instrument Technician I is $42,600.

Chances are that there will always be the need for instrument technicians. Just about every industry uses some type of equipment, and that equipment will always need someone to maintain and repair it. If you like working with your hands and enjoy working with various equipment, look into pursuing a career as an instrument technician.

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