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Field Technician Job Description

If you were to go online and search for available field technician job openings today, you would see that there are many different types of field techs. There are positions for archaeology field technicians, environmental field techs, cable field techs, computer field techs, and many more. Continue reading to learn more about several different types of field technician careers.

Environmental Field Technicians

An environmental field technician is generally responsible for modifying, operating, and testing devices that are used in the control, remediation, and prevention of environmental issues such as waste treatment and site remediation. Following are some of the more specific duties that an environmental field technician may have to take on:

  • Performing environmental quality work in office or field settings
  • Maintaining computer program files or project logbook records
  • Conducting pollution surveys as well as collecting and then analyzing samples such as ground water and air
  • Receiving, testing, setting up, and/or decontaminating equipment
  • Performing lab work including but not limited to preparing and packaging samples, logging visual and numerical observations, performing photo documentation, and recording test results
  • Developing work plans, which includes establishing material, facilities needs, or manpower
  • Tabulating data, producing environmental assessment reports, and preparing graphs, sketches, or charts
  • Evaluating process anomalies and maintaining process parameters
  • Reviewing work plans to schedule meetings and activities
  • Assisting in the clean-up of hazardous substances
  • Reviewing technician documents to ensure that there is total conformance to requirements

Cable Field Technicians

A cable field technician is generally responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing cable systems. Some specific responsibilities of a cable field tech include the following:

  • Repairing cable poles, cable lines, or amplifiers at the business or home of people who subscribe to that company’s cable services
  • Working on feeder lines, which service multiple homes or businesses
  • Working on drop lines, which service one business or home
  • Electronically scanning customers’ cable systems to pinpoint possible issues
  • Maintaining the main cable system line in order to prevent ceasing service in a large area
  • Working at your company’s repair building instead of in the field, fixing cable equipment and then delivering it to the customers
  • Supervising lower-level staff

Computer Field Technicians

A computer field technician is generally responsible for maintaining networks and systems for small business or corporations. Some of the specific tasks that a computer field tech will have to take on include:

  • Monitoring and maintaining a business’ network
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet problems and repairing slow connections
  • Fielding incoming calls, emails, or faxes related to customers’ computer issues or concerns
  • Diagnosing computer problems by walking a customer through a troubleshooting procedure
  • Diagnosing and then repairing problems with computer software
  • Planning and implementing the computer network
  • Connecting various computers in the network and testing them

If you believe you might be interested in becoming a field technician, do your research and figure out what type of field technician you want to train to become.

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