Engineering Technician Jobs

Engineering Technician Job Description

Generally speaking, an engineering technician helps to solve technician problems in manufacturing, research and development, and maintenance. Many types of companies employ engineering technicians for different tasks—due to the wide variety of duties that an engineering tech could take on, there are many different types of engineering technicians who focus on various specializations. Following are three of these specialized careers with information for you to consider before seeking employment.

Also, it’s important to note that the average salary for an engineering technician greatly depends upon the specialization. For example, an environmental engineering tech can expect to make an annual salary of about $42,000 while an aerospace engineering and operations tech can expect to earn about $57,000 each year.

Civil Engineering Technicians

A civil engineering technician is responsible for planning and overseeing the construction and maintenance of specific structures or facilities. Some of the more specific duties of a civil engineering technician include:

  • Calculating dimensions, square footage, and component specifications as well as material quantities
  • Analyzing proposed site factors and designing graphs, maps, diagrams, and tracings to demonstrate findings
  • Drafting details dimensional drawings and designing layouts for projects
  • Reading and reviewing project blueprints in order to calculate the dimensions of the structure and the required materials
  • Planning and conducting field surveys to find new sites and/or to analyze the details of project sites

Mechanical Engineering Technicians

A mechanical engineering technician is responsible for assisting the mechanical engineer in the development, design, testing, and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Some of a mechanical engineering tech’s responsibilities are:

  • Working on a variety of equipment ranging from air conditioners and car engines to power saws and nuclear reactors
  • Preparing parts sketches as well as writing purchase requests and work orders to be taken care of by outside contractors
  • Reviewing blueprints and project instructions to ascertain test procedures, specifications, and objectives
  • Fabricating and assembling new or altered mechanical components for products
  • Discussing changes in method of manufacture and assembly, design, and drafting procedures and techniques with staff

Electrical Engineering Technicians

An electrical engineering technician is tasked with testing and modifying operational or developmental electronic machinery. Some of the specific duties of an electrical engineering technician include:

  • Providing tech assistance when electrical problems are encountered
  • Installing and maintaining electronic control systems
  • Assembling electrical systems and prototypes using measuring instruments and hand tools
  • Setting up and operating test equipment in order to evaluate the performance of developmental assemblies, parts, or systems
  • Modifying electrical parts, prototypes, systems, and assemblies to correct any current functional deviations
  • Analyzing and interpreting test information to resolve problems related to design

If you believe that taking on one of the many engineering technician positions may be right for you, continue to research the type of engineering tech that you would like to be. Find out what kind of training and/or education is required, and find out what you will be responsible for when you gain employment.

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