Electronic Technician Jobs

Electronic Technician Job Description

Electronic technicians are widely in demand, as they work with a large variety of electronics. Just about every industry requires some sort of electronic technician to repair and maintain their equipment. Some more specific titles for electronic technicians include:

  • Computer electronics technician – This person is responsible for supporting computer networks and information technology for a company.
  • Electronics engineering technician – This role builds, tests, troubleshoots, modifies, and repairs electronic components for a particular business.
  • Field electronics technician – This person is responsible for off-site repair and maintenance duties.
  • Bench electronics technician – This position repairs or assembles work at a work bench.

Regardless of the specific job title, every electronics technician can expect to take on the following tasks:

  • Repairing and performing maintenance on a company’s electronic equipment
  • Using diagnostic tools to test and troubleshoot equipment
  • Ensuring that equipment meets established standards and specifications
  • Reading and understanding schematics and maintenance manuals
  • Researching parts – specifically, availability and cost

Education Requirements for Electronic Technicians

Many companies require that their electronic technicians have an associate’s degree from a vocational or technical school at the very least—or that they have equivalent military training. However, there are other companies that require that a candidate only have a high school diploma. In these types of situations, the electronic technician will learn the skills he or she needs to know during on-the-job training or during an apprenticeship of some sort. A typical apprenticeship program, typically held at a community or technical college, lasts for four years.

But keep in mind that employers typically prefer someone who already has the training necessary to take on the tasks that an electronic tech is responsible for. If you have a degree in a field related to electronics, then you could get a position higher than entry-level.

Regardless of your educational background prior to becoming an electronic technician, it’s important that you understand that all electronic technicians will be expected to continue to learn and keep up to speed on new innovations throughout their careers.

The majority of states require that an electronic technician has a license in order to practice. In order to become licensed, you’ll have to pass an exam that covers electrical theory and the National Electrical Code.

Average Electronic Technician Salary

Once you have obtained the education and training that you need, it’s time to start submitting your resume and continue the search for an electronic technician position. But how much can you expect to earn as an electronic technician? The average annual salary for an electronic technician in the United States is just over $39,500.

The average hourly wage for an electronic technician is just over $22. The highest paid electronic techs made over $39 per hour, and the lowest paid techs earned approximately $13 per hour. The median wage is very competitive, particularly for an entry level position.

If you enjoy working with electrical equipment and working with your hands, and if you’re looking for a decent job with a very decent salary, consider going to school to become an electronic technician.

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