EKG Technician Jobs

EKG Technician Job Description

An EKG technician (sometimes referred to as an ECG technician or electrocardiogram technician) is generally responsible for conducting tests on the cardiovascular or pulmonary systems of a patient. These test results are then used for diagnostic purposes. Some of the more typical duties of an EKG technician include:

  • Thoroughly explaining the procedure to the patient in order to reduce any anxiety that he/she may be experiencing
  • Recording patient information and keeping records up to date
  • Preparing the patient for the procedure—for example, positioning the patient correctly
  • Adjusting the equipment according to the physician’s recommendations
  • Testing and maintaining cardiology equipment
  • Taking care of minor repairs as they are deemed necessary
  • Performing general administrative duties
  • Conducting phonocardiogram, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, or other tests to record the patient’s cardiovascular activity for diagnostic purposes
  • Conducting tests using a spirometer or other respiratory testing equipment in order to evaluate the pulmonary system of a patient

If you seek additional training, then you may take on additional duties and responsibilities such as performing stress testing or Holter monitoring.

The  majority of EKG technicians work in hospitals; however, some are employed in doctor’s offices, outpatient centers, or diagnostic laboratories.

EKG Tech Education and Certification

In order to become an EKG technician, you will need to have, at a minimum, your high school diploma or GED and certification. In the majority of cases, you will be trained on the job and receive your training from a cardiologist or EKG supervisor. On-the-job training typically takes between four and six weeks. However, you can also acquire the necessary training from technical schools or community colleges.

Other than the proper training and education, a successful EKG technician will possess the following attributes or have the following skills:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Active listener
  • Skilled at assessing your own performance
  • Excellent reading comprehension
  • Critical thinking
  • Verbal comprehension
  • The ability to tell when a problem could occur

EKG Tech Average Salary

The average pay for an EKG technician greatly depends upon experience and training. The average annual salary for EKG technicians is approximately $24,000. However, when you take into consideration the various other factors involved such as location or job demand, then the salary could be anywhere between $22,000 and $30,000 per year.

Unfortunately, the job outlook for EKG technicians isn’t as good as it is for other positions in the industry. This is one reason why it’s a good idea to get advanced training to be able to conduct a greater amount of tests, and therefore be a more attractive job candidate. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for EKG techs were expected to grow by 24% between 2008 and 2018, which is good news, particularly if you’re just beginning your training or education.

If you enjoy working with people and want to work in the health industry you may want to consider looking into training to become an EKG technician.

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