CAD Technician Jobs

CAD Technician Job Description

CAD technicians, often referred to as “drafters” or “drafting professionals”, utilize computer-aided design software (CAD or CADD) in order to assist designers and architects in bringing their visions to reality. Some of the general duties of a CAD technician include:

  • Utilizing CAD/CADD software to draft very complicated 2-D and 3-D models
  • Providing technical drawings based on the information specified by designers, inventors, engineers, scientists, or architects

Depending on the specialized field that a CAD technician chooses to work in, that tech will have a different set of tasks and responsibilities. For example, architectural CAD techs work to design blueprints of new buildings, while electrical CAD techs work to design a building’s electrical system. Mechanical drafting professionals may draw duct systems, aerospace designs, or machinery while civil drafters work to sketch roads, sewer systems, or earthwork.

Regardless of the type of CAD technician that you want to become, the following skills are helpful and, in some cases, necessary:

  • Drawing/artistic skills
  • Experience with CAD/CADD software
  • Experience with AutoCAD software
  • Solid base of math and science knowledge
  • Basic understanding and knowledge of your specialized industry

What Does a CAD Tech Need to Know?

If you’re interested in training to become a CAD technician, know that education begins as early as high school. Courses such as computer graphics, drafting, math, and science provide potential CAD technicians with the base knowledge they need to become successful. It’s highly recommended that you go on to pursue further training at a technical or community college, as more education will help you to be appealing to a wider number of employers.

Additionally, the American Drafting Design Association provides training courses to those that are new as CAD technicians, which can help them to learn more about the position. Furthermore, even experienced CAD techs can benefit from courses that will keep them up to speed on new advances and software that’s helpful for a drafter to become familiar with.

How Much Do CAD Techs Make?

As of 2008, the average CAD technician earned an hourly salary of $22.30. However, those that are new to being a drafter and have less than one year’s worth of experience can only expect to earn between $11.74 and $15.42 each hour.

Looking for a Job

Once you have the training and knowledge necessary to become a CAD technician, you will want to begin searching for job opportunities via job search engines such as CareerBuilder and Monster. There are many different industries that require the skills of a CAD technician, as CAD techs can work on drafting designs for everything ranging from buildings to technological gadgets. It’s recommended that those without any experience but with sufficient education look into securing a role as a junior CAD technician. Also, new CAD technicians may benefit from choosing to specialize in a particular industry such as architecture, piping, electronics, or aeronautics.

If you enjoy working with others in a professional environment and are extremely detail-oriented, then consider training to become a CAD technician.

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