Automotive Technician Jobs

Automotive Technician Job Description

The major responsibility of an automotive service technician is to use their knowledge and skills to troubleshoot issues that customers are having with their automobiles. Some of the more specific duties of an automotive tech include:

  • Inspecting vehicles for possible issues or problems
  • Repairing worn or broken mechanical parts and/or components
  • Using computers to help diagnose internal issues
  • Writing damage repair estimates
  • Using a jack to lift up vehicles
  • Maintaining service and repair records
  • Utilizing hand and power tools
  • Testing automobiles before and after the repair is completed
  • Paying strict attention to safety standards in order to prevent and avoid any potential injuries
  • Installing components, equipment, and systems
  • Repairing electrical circuits, fixtures, and wiring

The majority of automotive technicians work in automobile repair shops, dealerships, or gasoline service stations. Others are employed by government agencies, vehicle leasing companies, and other companies that repair their own automobiles.

Where Do I Start?

The automotive industry has become much more technological as time as gone by, and the outlook shows that technological knowledge will continue to be necessary. Therefore, it’s important for an automotive service tech to get all the necessary training in order to properly do his or her job.

In order to get an entry level position as an automotive technician, you will have to be at least eighteen years old, have a valid driver’s license, have some experience with minor automotive repair work, and have one of the following:

  • Valid National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification
  • Degree from an automotive tech training school
  • At least one year’s experience in a professional automotive garage

If you want to get a better position, then you’ll need to get more training in order to be qualified—as well as more experience as an automotive technician.

Beyond training and experience, the ideal automotive service technician will have the following skills:

  • Good physical strength
  • Able to lift heavy objects
  • Competence with electronic tools
  • Willing to continuously learn about new technological advances
  • Able to stand, stoop, and work in cramped conditions
  • Excellent patience
  • Thorough knowledge of cars and their electronic and mechanical systems
  • Great problem solving skills
  • Strong analytical ability

What Will I Make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average automotive service technician earns an hourly wage of $15.30. However, keep in mind that entry level technicians tend to make more like $10 per hour, while master level techs make hourly salaries of more than $25.

Furthermore, it’s expected that this position will continue to be in demand for years to come. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the job grown for the automotive technician field will rise at least 5% by 2018.

If you’ve had an interest in the automotive industry and are interested in beginning a stable career, consider going to school and training to become an automotive service technician.

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