Architectural Technician Jobs

An architectural technician is a person who helps to design and construct a building. However, unlike many other positions in the field of architecture, architectural techs can’t practice independently. If you’ve ever thought about seeking employment as an architectural technician, read on for more information.

Architectural Technician Job Description

As mentioned above, an architectural tech assists architects in designing and actually constructing various buildings. Specifically, he or she acts as the middleman (or woman) between the construction workers and architects. Some of their specific duties might include:

  • Preparing cost estimation of residential or commercial buildings.
  • Drafting technical drawings to assist engineers and architects who they’re working with.
  • Collecting field data from the build site.
  • Testing quality of construction materials.
  • Conducting feasibility studies and making any necessary modifications.
  • Checking building codes to ensure compliance.

The ideal candidate for an architectural technician position will have the following characteristics and skills:

  • Able to work with others well—being a team player is necessary.
  • Precise, accurate drawing ability.
  • Knowledge about practical construction implications.
  • Solid problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of computers and related technologies.
  • Able to visualize objects in 3-D
  • Have great math skills

Where Does an Architectural Technician Work?

A quick search on any job website shows that there are quite a few vacancies for architectural technicians. The majority of vacancies are from agencies that deal primarily with architecture—architectural technology practices, local authorities, or architecture practices. Some architectural technician may find employment with a government agency, commercial company, construction organization, housing association, or manufacturer.

These companies may initially be looking for someone to take on an architectural technician internship. If this is the case, and you are just entering the industry, then seriously consider it. If you perform adequately as an intern, chances are that you could be hired on with that agency or company full-time as an architectural technician.

What Salary Does an Architectural Tech Make?

The average architectural technician in the United States makes an annual salary between $39,000 and $43,000—not too shabby for an entry-level position! The majority of architecture companies and agencies also offer architectural techs an impressive benefits package.

What You Should Know About the CIAT

If you are interested in entering the field as an architectural technician, then you’ll definitely want to become a member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologies (CIAT). While the CIAT’s members are typically located in the United Kingdom, more are joining around the world, particularly those located around the institute’s locations in Hong Kong and Ireland.

CIAT posts job vacancies on its websites and also sends out info about open positions to its members located in the area. This is just one big reason why you want to consider becoming a member after you complete your training. Additionally, CIAT members are able to reap the benefits of being connected to a large network of architects and others involved in the architecture industry.

So if you’ve always dreamed of being involved in architecture and love the science or building things, then consider training to become an architectural technician.

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