Technician Jobs Description

There are many different careers that fit into the category of technician jobs. You could go on to become an electrical technician, an auto technician, a medical technician, and more. Different technicians work in different types of settings such as labs, offices, or workshops. Additionally, different technicians must learn to work with different types of instruments in order to become the best at their specific job. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular technician jobs on the market today.

Types of Technician Careers

Electronic Technician Jobs

An electric engineering technician has a wide variety of responsibilities and duties including:

  • Providing technician assistance when electrical issues are encountered.
  • Putting together electronic systems and prototypes.
  • Evaluating the performance of various electric systems and resolving any issues.
  • Preparing project cost and work-time estimates.
  • Performing supervisory duties such as approving leaves and recommending work assignments.

This type of position is ideal with someone who enjoys working with their hands and likes digging in and working with various technical and electronic gadgets.

Medical Technician Jobs

There are many different types of medical technician jobs that deal with a wide range of facets of the health industry. However, for the sake of a general overview, following are some examples of duties that a medical technician would be responsible for:

If you’re interested in getting into the medical industry, there are many different medical technician options to choose from.

Auto Technician Jobs

An automotive technician works with cars and engines. What used to be a cut-and-dry “blue collar” job such as this one has become more technical as advances have changed the type of equipment used and the knowledge needed for an auto technician to be successful. Some responsibilities of an automotive technician include:

  • Maintaining service and repair records
  • Writing automobile damage repair estimates
  • Repairing mechanical components, electrical wiring, fixtures, and circuits
  • Testing automobiles before and after the repair is made
  • Installing systems and components

Automotive technicians enjoy working with their hands and—obviously—on cars.

Mobile Platforms Developer

Mobile platforms have seen an exponential growth in the past few years and the potential is far from being exhausted. Whether it’s working as a technical developer of a mobile website or app or creating your own app, there’s much work for those willing to dive into this exciting world.


These are just some of the most common technician jobs available. Others include careers as a copier technician, cable technician, veterinary technician, and more. Technical careers are becoming more and more popular with the recent strain on our country’s job market, so it’s important to review all of your options if you’re interested in pursuing a technical job.

Continue reading exploring this website to get in-depth information such as average salary, job requirements, and more about a wide range of technician careers and positions. The best way to approach getting into a technician job is to be well-prepared—and have done very thorough research.

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